Chechen-Led Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar Slam “ISIS Defector” Videos

In the latest sign of increasing tensions and divisions between Chechen fighters in Syria, the  Chechen-led faction Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (JMA) has issued a video clarification regarding the infighting between the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham and insurgent groups.

The video is a response to two recent films made by two fighters claiming to have defected from JMA to ISIS. The first of the films is discussed here.

JMA’s former military Amir is Umar Shishani, who left the faction in December when he swore allegiance to ISIS.

JMA considers itself to be a branch of the Caucasus Emirate in Syria.

It is interesting that the fighters compare the bickering and backstabbing of the infighting to an election campaign in a democratic country, something that the Islamist faction believes to be a highly negative phenomenon.

A translation of the video is below:

All Muslims who worry about jihad, about the Ummah, are talking today about the fitna in Sham. Division and confrontation, which occurred between the Mujahideen, is becoming more  unsightly every day, because some conversations and explanations began to be reminiscent of democratic election campaigns, where the construction of lies and denigration of the opponent is considered the norm.

Many young Muslims have become deluded, thinking that they came to jihad and are guaranteed martyrdom and Paradise. This is a fallacy.  Because tests on jihad are heavier difficult than elsewhere.

And we want to remind ourselves first and foremost, and then the others, of the hadith, which states that the first to enter the fire of Hell will be the man who the dunya [world] all believed to be martyred. And this is due to the fact that he wanted to be talked about as a brave man, though he insisted in words that he wanted to elevate the word of Allah.

And what to say about those who allow themselves to easily shed the blood of Muslims, to spread slander and lies. May Allah save us from this!

We, the Mujahedeen of Jaish al Muhajireen wal Ansar did not want to get involved in any armed or  verbal confrontations with anyone whatsoever. Especially since we do not want to argue with people who can easily tarnish not just the simple Mujahideen not only simple, but even the famous Ulama [scholars] of Jihad.

But to hear out the blatant lie in their address in complete silence is something we also do not intend to do. And we want to give an explanation to the Muslims.

Not so long ago the two people went on on camera, explaining why and for what reasons they left JMA. One of them quoted verses and hadith to back up their lies. The lie was extremely unconscionable. Since this mullah’s face was masked, it is difficult to judge whether he blushed at it or not.

He enthusiastically tells how he left JMA,  although he was never involved in this Kataib. He turned up once in a period of 3 months, had conversations on various topics, and disappeared after 5-6 days, just as suddenly as he appeared.

We  Caucasians  are a hospitable people and are polite in all circumstances. In other Kataibs they  could politely ask, what are you doing and what are you doing here with us? But we did not ask … Though it was necessary.

Now we learn from him, that he “left” of our Kataib, which he never was a part of.

Unlike the first guy, the second  speaker was in our Kataib and we all loved and respected him. He did not “wage  jihad at the tea table”, but took part in these battles, these actions, and was always useful for the Jamaat.

Imagine what  our surprise  was when we learned that one and a half months ago he had sworn to the Amir of another Jamaat . And he hid it, and all this time  he has been working among young people, agitating them to move to another Jamaat.

He is a simple Mujahid, and as most of us, does not have deep knowledge of the Shariah. But some of those who fancy themselves knowledgeable have advised him not to disclose his oath, and carry on secret, subversive activities among young people.

He did not think that you can only work secretly that way   in the enemy camp. But you can not behave hypocritically and insincerely behind your brothers’ backs. You have to openly state your position and leave if there’s something you do not agree with. None of us   prevented this, and do not condemn the open position.

The person who has advised him to do so, thinks he’s cunning. But this cunning one forgot one clear warning of the Qur’an: that Allah is the most cunning of the lot.

We regret that our brother did this. But we still love him for the sake of Allah and we hope that both us and Allah guide him to the right path.

When  part of the people left JMA, we did not worry too much and did not regret it. Honestly, that was because some of the breakaway group were people from whom we ourselves would like to separate and disassociate ourselves.

But after that, perhaps as a result of the constant instigation of the agitators left inside our Jamaat,  some young Mujahideen started to leave. They were good with faith but inexperienced  in life and in politics.

We initially were sorry that they were leaving. But then began to take it in our stride. Verily, Allah knows best and He sends His servants as it sees fit. And there is no power and strength except with Allah.

Some of those who were leaving, honestly cautioned that as they left, we should please forgive  their mistakes and  if they accidentally caused resentment. Sometimes it was sad, but at the same time we were pleased that people adhere to the Islamic adab.

But there were cases when people ran directly from the Ribat without warning, exposing the front and authorized places. At the same time they took their weapon with them, and some took transportation.

Such behavior can not be explained from the standpoint of common sense. This is an absence or iman or complete ignorance of Ribat and Jihad.

Regarding the accusations in our address that we make against these young brothers , we want to remind again of our position.

– We will not participate in the bloodshed between the Mujahideen, not on anyone’s side. But then we say today that any Muslim who asks us about security, will get it from us.

-We have provided and will provide assistance to anyone injured in the confrontation , who has appealed to us .

– Regarding statements  of “We were attacked first” — we are not convinced . You can hear it from every side . And any Muslim know that the issues of who is right and who is wrong and who attacked whom can only be solved by a Sharia court .

– But we do not believe the people who, under various pretexts, refused to appear before the Sharia Court.

– We do not believe the people who beat their breasts, create outrage among Muslims and atrocities under the guise of establishing Sharia law, but do not have jurisdiction under it themselves and who put themselves above the Sharia!

– We do not believe people who  negotiate a truce, and send their squad to treacherously attack from the rear of those with whom they are negotiating a truce . That war is a ruse. But  cunning and meanness are not one and the same.

– We believe that our salvation is here,  at the front, fighting against the infidels and the Nusayries . But at the same time , Insha’Allah , we will listen carefully to the opinions of the Ulama of Jihad. And if they  make a definite decision unanimously about Sham,  justify it according to Shariah and show us another path as specified in the Qur’an and Sunnah, we will follow it.


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