Syria: Chechen Fighter In Jabhat al-Nusra Describes His First Battle With Islamic Front In Aleppo

A Chechen fighter in Jabhat al-Nusra has written a post describing his first battle against Syrian regime forces in Layramoun in Aleppo province.

The fighter, who identifies himself as Muslim Abdullaev (almost certainly a nom de guerre) is part of the jamaat of Sayfullakh Shishani, the Chechen amir who died during a failed attempt to storm the Aleppo Central Prison last month.

Abdulllaev has previously explained that he has not sworn allegiance to Jabhat al-Nusra but is simply “helping out” in the jamaat.

The battle took place in Aleppo, likely in Al Layamoun, where the Chechen faction mentioned by the fighter, Jaish al-Muhajireen wal Ansar (he calls it the Imarat Kavkaz or Caucasus Emirate) have been fighting.

Here is a translation of his description of the battle:

Today they said there’s an amalia (action) and we all started to prepare. When the time came, everyone gathered and traveled to the action and together with the military amir waited in one place for our brothers’ offensive – 2 groups were supposed to attack the infidels and we as backup at 50 meters sat and waited. The action started close to Fajr.

Ahrar a-Sham covered our brothers with heavy weapons. Brothers from the Islamic Front stayed in the positions where we were sitting and we went to support our brothers who had fallen into an ambush and we supported them and the time was already 10 a.m..

The action continued — it was very hot — the infidels had heavy weapons and RPG and we had Allah and our faith. Before supper, 3 brothers from our jamaat had become martyrs and 3-4 were wounded. I pray to Allah to strengthen my steps and I didn’t have a gram of fear, with brother Idris Shishani on the roof we took position and fired at them specifically — you could see the infidels but it wasn’t possible to take them because they fired at us with heavy, high caliber weapons.

Brother Idris got hit by a splinter and he got mad and started to fire and I tell him, get down and he got real mad at the infidels and started firing and we barely calmed him down — he yells at me, like in a good way, WE AIN’T AFRAID OF NO INFIDELS WE CAME HERE FOR THE INFIDELS INSHALLAH WE’LL WASTE THE INFIDELS ACCEPT MARTYRDOM — such words were uttered. On the roof where I saw behind me a RPG fell but Allah saved me and I didn’t become a martyr that is the first case.

When we’d already gotten back from there and returned to the original position I learned that my really good friend an Uzbek had been killed, he was 19, he fired with the heavy weapon the B9, he got shrapnel in the head.

A bit of time passed and one brother Ansar tells me about another martyr Abu Ubaid who ten days ago joined Sayfullakh Shishani’s jamaat. He hadn’t even passed his training, he was alongside a Dushka and a tank fell on him. This brother became a martyr and he had three qualities of a martyr, smile, junub [ritually impure due to sexual intercourse or seminal discharge] and he smelled of musk in this heat.

Afterward the military amir said, who’s coming with me as a volunteer and going to the infidels from Salahuddin’s point, and I went with them and there were about 10-15 people with us. We joined up with the guys from the Imarat Kavkaz and waited there a while because the road was dangerous from an enemy sniper and 2 brothers were killed and 3 wounded. I took a rifle and with the brothers from the Jamaat of Imam Bukhari we went to work to take out the sniper (but sadly his position was good and we could not take him out – we worked for around an hour). He really shot at us and we didn’t see him inside the house.

All my brothers went to the brothers in the house not far away and I stayed to work more. When I got tired near the evening we sat with brothers from the Imarat Kavkaz – talked – ate – and after namaz we we rested, sitting in a group, a mortar shell fell on is and I immediately laid down and this was the second time when I didn’t become a martyr, Allah saved me (I was totally fine, I couldn’t come to a bit, my ears were ringing with a total contusion (after when I came to myself I saw that 3 guys were wounded and 5 were killed, when I got close to them they smelled of musk, I’ll always remember and miss them).

I went to the original position and helped the guys. When it got close to night our brothers who are with the Imarat Kavkaz came back and we went home to rest. When I arrived I found out my close friend Abu Hureira was killed (on the day of the action, we ate together, we hung out and sat in an internet club, I miss him and I have his messages on Whats App.

The next day I was already cheerful again, I went to the action and arrived at the starting out and waited for orders. The guys asked to go inwards toward the infidels to take RPG shells, where the brothers were keeping the front line.

I said I’d go and I was given 4 RPG shells and I put it on and went back to the road, the military amir Mohammad joined us that is there were 3 of us one amir Abu Hussain the Uzbeki and our military Amir Mohammad. We got to the brothers but on the road we were shot at though Allah saved us. After when we got there and brought the shells the infidels started shooting again with RPGs and  machine guns. But Allah  helped us and we were able to repel them.

When we returned there was a place from where the infidels fired – Muhammad Shishani in those minutes joked with me and smiled and when he ran across a bullet 5.45 hit him and he was martyred.  (I remember his smile, it was hard to me, I’ve loved him for Allah. Arabs carried him to the starting point and me and Abu Hussain went there from the other side. And after I found out that Abu Mehzhin and Abu Hassan (my close brothers  were martyred. Abu Hamza who with him was wounded in the leg and crawled to us from the infidels  place for 6-7 hours ( Abu Hassan says that when he was wounded when he started reading the Koran).

I find it hard, my first operation, and I saw so many martyrs.

My time has not come and I did not go to the brothers (I want to go to Muhammad and Sayfullakh Shishani, I miss him very much).

Then later I returned home to see  Muhammad Shishani for the last time (he smiled and smelled of musk).

Last night there was an operation again. We captured several important houses and there we keep the front line.

That house from where the sniper fired, our brothers captured that too. Took one prisoner – he says he is a Mujahid – he prays and says he wants to do a suicide bombing  but we do not believe it – no one has seen a single Muslim characteristic in him. And he was captured from the house where the  infidels were shooting.

Now I am at the headquarters. We are waiting for news and instructions. Allah will soon give us victory and we will take this city. Pray for us. May Allah strengthen our steps.


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