Syria: Umar Shishani Involved In ISIS Offensive Near Turkey Border (Maps & Photos)

Following our post this morning regarding attacks by an Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham Chechen faction, more details have emerged of the ongoing offensives against Kurdish forces near the Turkish border.

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ISIS Chechen Faction Take Grain Elevator From Kurds In Ayn al-Arab (Kobanê) 

ISIS first attacked and took this bridge across the Euphrates between Sarrin (صرين) and Manbij:

ISIS fighters then advanced to Sarrin, located here:

This is ISIS’s account (translated from Russian) and is likely to be with some hyperbole:

Over the last week, the Mujahideen carried out successful operations, which resulted in the liberation of Sirrin was released, as well as many villages leading to it, which had long been under the apostates, the so-called “Islamic Front.” The first step was to take the bridge, which was a strategically important objective. Through this same bridge, they made diversionary attacks on locals in in Manbij.

And also on this road, which leads to Raqqa, troops from the so-called Jabhat al-Nusra put checkpoints at night while dressed in ISIS uniforms and shot the Mujahideen.

We managed to liberate these neighborhoods to push the enemy [ISIS mean the Islamic Front] in the northern parts, where there are Kurdish villages.

Immediately after the bridge , we saw three armored personnel carriers with about 30 Turkish soldiers who guard the burial place of one of the Turkish sultans. They fired into the air and said that we do not want to fight with you, we are here only to protect historical sites.

All the apostates fled to a flour mill , where they rallied and kept their defense. On their right and left, they was surrounded by ISIS troops.

The next day an attack was scheduled to storm the plant. Once the Mujahideen came close they were opened fire on from different sides, and not where was expected. Later it was found that they were ambushed by the PKK.

Meanwhile, Umar [Shishani] sent a letter to a representative of the Kurds and stated: “We are not at war with you, you started it . If you do not stop, then we will leave the so-called Islamic Front in the ring and will fight you to the last.” The answer came immediately. Where they, at first glance, showed their loyalty to ISIS and replied: “No way. We will not interfere with your conflict.”

A day later , ISIS again attacked the plant and successfully entrenched itself in the lower buildings. The apostates at this time gathered all their weapons and climbed to the upper floors. From there, they threw grenades and it was virtually impossible to get close there.

But Almighty Allah doeth what He wills. The group has been destroyed, the number of which was more than 20 people, and one was captured. Four Mujahideen died and three were wounded.

When we started to see the bodies, we then found out an incredible fact. It turns out that the day before the so-called negotiations, the Islamic Front left their position and instead joined the PKK and Jabhat al-Nusra.

Once again they showed their cowardly face and justifed their  two-faced policy to themselves.

The bridge:



The grain elevator/ factory in Sarrin:



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